My name is Maria Alejos and I have a passion for making people’s events memorable through my hand-made decorations and party designs.

My creative skills started early, as a kindergartener in Lima, Peru. Growing up, I was privileged to be introduced to the world of art crafts by taking classes for flower and fabric paper, embossed paper, sewing, drawing and painting, jewelry design, sugar flower creation, gift wrapping, and bow making. i did all of this, as I developed my career as a Psychologist.

Eventually, I got married and moved to California with my husband. I then decided to pursue a career as a Flower Designer, and I graduated from the Los Angeles Floral Career Center.

I worked for a wedding design studio doing weddings and other events for artists from Hollywood, and it was such a great experience!

When my daughter Karyme was born, I decided to switch my focus. Therefore, I started my own daycare at home called, “Little Hands Early Care”, which I had for 10 years. However, this did not stop me from expressing my passion for party decorations, as I decorated the birthday parties for the kids I was providing care for. Above all, I still remember the joyful faces of all those kids throughout the years. Now at 16, my daughter shares the same passion for party design.

Party Impressions was born in 2015 after we moved to Austin, Texas. My goal is to make events memorable for you and your guests! I understand that being a party host can be very stressful, and I want to help relieve that stress by helping you create beautiful setups for your events!

Let’s get started!